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Have you started your holiday shopping?  Were you one of the many thrill seekers who camped out a week in advance for those “door busters” at the “big box” stores?  Did you brave the crowds, map out your route, bring your wingmen/women so that you would reach your target item(s) before they ran out? Have you been crowned victorious because you achieved your goal?  CONGRATULATIONS!  I take off my many hats to you!  Once upon a time I braved the early Thursday morning sales to get those coveted electronic items.  I have since given the early morning, crowd navigating shopping over to the young, strong and determined warriors of shopping.  Kuddos to you!

I have migrated to the online shopping world!  Yes, I can recline in my easy chair with my laptop while sipping a chai tea latte and shop til my heart is content.  No pushing or shoving, reaching or grabbing for me!  Just me, my tea, my laptop and my favorite scented candle burning.  This year I am all about the candles and accessories.  One of my favorite items are the candle warmers from Inspire by David Oreck!  Check out this Black Friday Weekend Sale!  These warmers have been discounted just for the Black Friday Weekend Shopping crowd.  Check them out!  You can purchase them at www.inspire.biz/elisegreen  Sale ends Monday, November 26 at midnight!

Black Friday Specials from Inspire by David Oreck

Buy these warmers at www.inspire.biz/elisegreen. Be the first of your friends to get them. Special price available until Monday, November 26, 2012 midnight.

Looking for that special something to provide the finishing touches to any table or display?  Check out these Ornamental Tealight Holders on page 45 in the Inspire Fall Catalogue.  You can download the Fall Holiday Catalogue from the Inspire website (www.inspire.biz/elisegreen).

Ornamental Tealight Holder pg. 45 in Inspire Fall Catalogue

However you choose to do your shopping, don’t end up as the leading story for tomorrow mornings talk show. “Extreme Couponer Attacked By Store Manager.  http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/video/extreme-couponing-manager-physical-women-coupons-17803421

I’m just saying…..

Happy shopping!

Ms. Elise

Elise Green

Eskapade Productions
Inspire Consultant


Celebrations, Business Decisions, Financial, Strategy, Purchases…. they all take planning.  What is the one event that a large percentage of our population just can’t seem to plan ahead for?

On Monday of this week I learned that a dear friend of the family passed away.  I’ve known this dear woman pretty much all of my life.  I went through school with her twin daughters and watched as she became a grandmother not only to her own, but to the many students she worked with at the local elementary school.  And now, the thought of not having her in my life any longer brings back scary memories of the time I almost lost my own mother in 1995 – “The Year From Hell”. (That is another story for another time.)  Without going into all the gut wrenching details of her illness the one thing I will share with you are the two most dreadful sentences I have ever heard in my life.  “You need to get your mother’s papers in order.  It doesn’t look like she is going to make it.”

NO ONE ever wants to hear those words. Certainly not me, a young woman at the age of 32.  As my mind reeled from the enormity of the task I sent out prayers asking for a reprieve of my mother’s life.  You see, during the first month of this “year from hell,” there was a fire in my mother’s home.  The house was uninhabitable and had to be torn down.  Where she was staying, until the house was rebuilt, was filled with boxes of what she was able to secure from her home.  These documents were not in any succinct order.  We never discussed ever losing her and what we should do.  And the words continued to echo in my mind; “You need to get your mother’s papers in order.  It doesn’t look like she is going to make it.”

My "Little Momma" and family.

My “Little Momma” and family.

I am glad to report that my mother is a healthy and vibrant 74 years young.  She is still kicking butt and taking names!  God did give us a reprieve on her life.  I am happy to say that we have had the hard conversations and now have a plan of action We have planned for the inevitable event.  Not only for my mom, but for the rest of the family as well.  Don’t wait until this event, the inevitable event, shows up on your calendar. Whether it be on your calendar for yourself or a loved one have a plan.

Thomas Castro Advanced Funeral Planner

Thomas Castro                           Advanced Funeral Planner

Thomas Castro Planner Info

Have the hard conversations and work with someone who will walk you through the planning for this inevitable event.  Thomas Castro, Advanced Funeral Planner for Guerra Gutierrez Mortuaries is such a person and a good friend of mine.  If you had the hard conversation and need guidance or need to get started on these plans, please contact him at thomas.j.castro@gmail.com.  Tell him Ms. Elise sent you!

Make your plans. Get ahead of the inevitable event.  Be prepared.  Your family will love you for it.

May he give you the desire of your heart
    and make all your plans succeed.

Psalm 20:4 (NIV)