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One of my business mentors, Marley Majcher, The Party Goddess appeared on foxbusiness.com (she is the first guest speaking) on February 20, 2013.  She is an amazing event planner to the stars.   Marley also has her book, “But Are You Making Any Money?”   In the video clip link below she speaks about pricing.  This is something that has been a challenge for me and for many small business owners.  Marley gives great information to consider for creating the right pricing structure for your business.

The Party Goddess talks "Pricing for Profit" with Fox News Live's Lauren Simonetti.

The Party Goddess talks “Pricing for Profit” with Fox News Live’s Lauren Simonetti.

See Marley’s Interview by clicking the link below.

Marley Majcher, The Party Goddess

Marly also mentioned the time tracking app that she likes to use – Paymo. www.paymo.biz.  Check out this tool.  I know I will.


Here is Marley’s book.  Check it out!  Click here to purchase her book or to learn more about the work she does.


31 Ideas Book Cover 8_EP Store Product

Why this book?

You are broke.  You have little to no disposable income to contribute to the economic growth of the economy.  In fact, your wish is that someone or something would bless you with a little “something something!”   Ok, maybe that is not your situation at all.  However, you have found that there needs to be a shift in thinking when it comes to how we celebrate holidays and other “special” days.  Now, let me be clear… I am all for making a buck!  Capitalism is not inherently evil. Heck, I am an entrepreneur!  So, I want your money for the work that I do in my business.  Ok, I am on a rabbit trail…. (Reigning myself back in…)

Another reason for this book is to help foster creativity and togetherness in a “me-centric” society.  Actually doing or creating something for those you care about helps to create memories of the creative process and the gratification of a job well done as you give something from your heart and hands.

The last reason for this book… It’s just plain fun!

We are in the final edits of this book and can’t wait to share these fun activities that will be sure to make any event you plan a memorable one for years to come!

Have an amazing Friday!

Be You! Be Creative!



Elise Green is the Owner and President of Eskapade Productions, a boutique thematic meeting and event production company. We’ll take your event from the ordinary to the extraordinary!  Let us plan your next event!  www.eskapadeproductions.com.



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